Take the Lead Pledge

In New Hampshire, we take seriously our role as stewards of the next generation. Take our pledge below, and we’ll keep you informed about ways you can help make childhood lead poisoning in New Hampshire a thing of the past.

I pledge to help spread the word about preventing childhood lead poisoning and to support new laws in the Granite State to better protect our kids so that all children have equal opportunity to thrive.

About the Pledge to Stop Childhood Lead Poisoning

We know that raising strong, healthy kids who will contribute to our communities tomorrow means making sure they have every opportunity for healthy development today. Unfortunately, each year hundreds more New Hampshire children are needlessly poisoned by lead, effectively robbing them of their full potential. The good news is that childhood lead poisoning and its irreversible health effects are entirely preventable.

By signing our pledge, you'll receive regular updates from CLF about ways that you can take action to support legislation and other measures to end childhood lead poisoning for good.

Thank you for helping protect New Hampshire's kids.