slash trash challenge

Can you slash your trash for a week?

Starting September 19, join CLF on a week-long journey to reduce our trash.

We have a trash problem. And while it’s not your fault, you are the solution. Together, we need to rise up and advocate for a zero-waste future. You can start right now by joining CLF’s second annual Slash Trash Challenge! For one week, we’re cutting the trash in our homes and our communities while also championing zero-waste systems. By joining our Challenge, you’ll discover tricks of the trade to slashing trash from your life, hear from experts on what’s wrong with our current waste systems, and learn about long-term solutions for creating a more sustainable, zero-waste future across New England.

CLF Slash Trash Challenge
September 19–25
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We want to change the way New England deals with waste. That means moving from our current, unsustainable model to a Zero Waste approach that minimizes the amount of trash sent to landfills and incinerators. We are advocating for systematic changes to the region’s recycling and waste management, but we need your help. Together, we are the solution.

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