Zero Waste Toolkit

Where you spend your money matters.

By investing in zero-waste products and services, you’re sending companies and legislators a message. You’re telling them that you choose to support businesses that slash the amount of single-use packaging going to landfills and incinerators. Your actions make a difference!

But remember, individual actions alone will only take us so far. We need systemic change from businesses and legislators to truly solve our trash problem and protect our communities. Be part of the change by supporting these low-waste businesses!

Support Zero Waste Businesses


A low-waste personal-and-home-care shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where you can refill your own containers from the store’s bulk supply.

GoGo Refill 

A zero-waste store in Portland, Maine, dedicated to reducing single-use plastic.


USEFULL lets you order your coffee from select shops in Greater Boston in a reusable, stainless-steel mug that you can later return to be washed and used again.

Bona Fide Green Goods

A sustainable boutique in Concord, New Hampshire, that offers refills. Bring in your empty containers and refill them with every day household items like dish soap, laundry detergent, and more!


Ethique is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry by going completely plastic free. You can get cleansers, lotions, and more in bar form.

Loop Store

A new type of shop, Loop Store partners with name brands to package all your favorite products in reusable or refillable containers.

Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop supports low-waste businesses making natural, plastic-free products that are convenient and affordable for everyone.


This list is only a start. Find more reuse programs and low-waste businesses in your area by researching!