Zero Waste Toolkit

We all love a good meal, especially when we don’t have to cook it ourselves! But, have you ever wondered what your favorite eateries do with all of their food scraps? Take the time to find out.

Contact some of your local restaurants and ask them what they do with their food waste. Do they compost it? Do they throw it in the trash? Do they donate any of the food they don’t use but is still good to eat? Use our tips on this page to help guide the conversation.

Call on Businesses to Adopt Zero Waste

Tell Them Why You're Reaching Out 

  • You're concerned about our trash crisis.
  • You're learning about the impact of food waste going to landfills and incinerators.
  • You want your local restaurants and grocery stores to move towards zero waste – and composting or food diversion is a great place to start.

Ask Them What They Do with Their Food Waste

  • Do they donate any of the food they don’t use but is still good to eat?
  • Do they compost food scraps?
  • Do they throw their scraps in the trash?

Provide Them with the Facts

What Can They Do Differently?

  • Accept and use "imperfect" produce
  • Self-service and all-you-can-eat establishments can provide customers with smaller plates
  • Donate food that they're not going to use but is still good to eat
  • Compost food scraps

Point Them to Resources

This Toolbox from the Center for EcoTechnology has all sorts of information on Food Waste Solutions, including a Food Waste Diversion Guide for Restaurants!


Thanks for taking action – you're becoming an advocate for Zero Waste!