Slash Trash Challenge

Can you slash your trash for a week?

Starting September 27, join CLF on a week-long journey to reduce our trash.

Together, we need to rise up and advocate for a zero-waste future. You can start right now by joining CLF’s third annual Slash Trash Challenge! Follow along on social media and join us in taking on a new zero-waste challenge each day! By joining our Challenge, you'll hear from experts on the best ways to slash your trash, learn about long-term solutions for creating a zero-waste future across New England, and have a chance to share your own journey with us and other participants online!

Still interested but not on social media? The day before the Challenge begins, we'll be sending out an email with the week's daily challenges so you can participate!


CLF Slash Trash Challenge
September 27–October 3
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To kick-off our week-long Challenge, we’re partnering with Food Waste Feast to host a live, virtual event on September 27 at 3pm. Co-founders Mei and Irene will join us from their home kitchens to share a few tips and tricks on how to cut down on food waste – and save money. Plus, the sister-duo, who also co-founded Mei Mei Dumplings in Boston, will answer all your zero-waste foodie questions! Have a question for Mei and Irene? Join our Challenge and submit any questions you have for them below! 

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