Founders of Food Waste Feast

Join CLF for a Live Discussion with the Founders of Food Waste Feast

Monday, September 27, 2021 • 3:00 PM

To see how we can cut down on our own food waste, we’re partnering with Food Waste Feast to host a live, virtual event. Co-founders Mei and Irene will join us from their home kitchens to share a few tips and tricks on how to cut down food waste in the kitchen – and save money. Plus, the sister-duo, who also co-founded Mei Mei Dumplings in Boston, will answer all your zero-waste foodie questions. Have a question for Mei and Irene? RSVP and submit any questions you have for them below!


CLF's Creating a Zero Waste Kithcen Event
Featuring CLF Advocates & Founders of Food Waste Feast
September 27, 2021
3:00 PM to 3:45 PM
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We want to change the way New England deals with waste. That means moving from our current, unsustainable model to a Zero Waste approach that minimizes the amount of trash sent to landfills and incinerators. We are advocating for systematic changes to the region’s recycling and waste management, but we need your help. Together, we are the solution.




How do I tune in to this virtual event?

RSVP through this event page! You will then be sent an email containing the link and information on how to join the discussion.

Will I be able to ask questions and interact with CLF’s advocates and guest speakers during this virtual event?

Absolutely! You will be able to ask questions and participate in different ways.

Who can I contact with questions?

Katie Ardrey at 617-850-1729 or [email protected].