Climate Action Toolkit

The crisis we face can feel overwhelming. And while sometimes it feels like there’s no way to escape the impacts we face daily, we have good news.

Climate solutions exist. Even better – when we work together to support these solutions, our collective efforts can make a huge difference in preventing climate change from getting worse.

Clean energy and energy efficiency are ways we can address the root of climate change while protecting the people we love and the world around us. So, today we’re challenging you to call or email your state legislators and urge them to support clean energy to help solve climate change.

Not sure what to say? We’ve prepared a cheat sheet just in case you might need a reference!

Call Your Legislators and Tell Them to Support Clean Energy

When you call your state legislators, you'll be connected with an aide who will take your call. The aide will probably ask you for some personal details, like your name and address, and will take down your message. Sometimes, they will forward you on to leave your legislators a voice message.

Calling your legislators may sound scary, but just know that they want to hear from you. Your viewpoint helps guide them throughout the legislative session. Legislators serve their constituents (you!), and the more people they hear from, the higher the impact.

Getting the Conversation Started

Here's a short script to help guide you as you contact your legislators:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I am very concerned about climate change.

[If you'd like, you can also use this space to tell them why you care about this issue.]

We don’t have time to wait. Climate change is happening right here, right now. We know what we need to do to solve it and protect our communities and our environment [or, something else you care about protecting!].

That's why I'm calling you: to urge you to support clean energy so that we do our part to solve climate change. Not only does clean energy address the root of the crisis – dirty, polluting fossil fuels – but it can also boost our economy by lowering energy bills and creating more jobs for our families.

I ask that you push for this solution on my behalf. We deserve a safe and healthy future.

Thank you for listening.