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Protect Right Whales from Deadly Collisions

The numbers are in: fewer than 70 fertile female North Atlantic right whales are still alive. If that number dips under 50, the species faces extinction. Despite this, NOAA is failing to protect right whale mothers and babies this calving season.

Collisions with boats and ships are a leading cause of death for this critically endangered species. NOAA has drafted strong, science-backed regulations to help prevent these avoidable tragedies –  but they've announced that they aren't issuing them this year. Because of their inaction, pregnant right whales are migrating south right now without adequate protection from vessel strikes.

It's not too late for NOAA to change course. Let them know you support stronger vessel speed restrictions to protect right whales. Send a letter to the administrators below. Remember to personalize your message to help it stand out!


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