Help CLF Stop Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Algae on the water's surface with a "Not suitable for swimming" sign posted next to the water.

Seen any scummy algae on your local water body? Tell us about it!

When polluted runoff drains into our rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams, toxic outbreaks of blue-green algae can grow out-of-control in a thin layer of scum on top of the water. Contact with the algae can cause stomach aches, neurological symptoms, and other illnesses. 

We need your help to locate algae outbreaks in Massachusetts waters: Fill out this form if you spot algae outbreaks in the water near you!

How can you tell if it’s blue-green algae? You’ll see: 

  • Blue-green, green or brownish scum covering the water’s surface 

  • Globs of thick algae 

  • Foam at the edges of the water